Boulder Patch Mines in Sumpter Oregon
The Dixie Load Gold Mine of the Buckeye Mining Group
Dixie Queen Lode Gold Mine
Buckeye Mine Group

19.709 +/- Acres ~ $69,950

 (The Price Will Increase As Development Continues.)

Contract Terms With $50,000 Down

Great potential above Bourne, Oregon....near the Elkhorn Crest.

This Gold Mining Property has SPECTACULAR VIEWS...And Summer Recreational Opportunities Abound! Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and more! Plentiful big game hunting such as Elk and Deer, not to mention plenty of snowmobile trails to enjoy our famous winter recreation! This Gold Mine will provide you with plenty of adventure in the beautiful Elkhorn Mountains and will leave you with something to show for all your efforts..........!

In the early 1900's, W.H. Gleason and J.N. Doane owned four patented mining claims --
the Buckeye Consolidated Lode Claim (which consisted of the Buckeye, Crescent and the
Crown claims), and the Dixie Queen Lode mine (19.709 +/- acres)
which is just north of the
Buckeye Mine. This was part of the Buckeye Consolidated mines.

Read how much has been written about the Buckeye Consolidated mines.....

"some ore running as high as $27,000.00 per ton." (at $35 an ounce, that is 771 ounces of gold a ton!). July 29, 1906. The Blue Mountain American.

"Pieces Of Ore Have Thick Seams Of Coarse Gold Running Through Them."
October 8, 1910. ~ The Blue Mountain American.

"The rock is full of free gold, clearly visible to the naked eye and will probably run into the
thousands of dollars a ton." July 1, 1903. The Sumpter Miner.

"The quartz is simply studded with free gold, and while no assays have been made of this
particular grade of it, the rock shown will doubtless run into the thousands of dollars.
July 15, 1903. The Sumpter Miner.

"the ledge is over four feet in width, and contains numerous ribbons of this quality of ore.
It has been traced throughout the claim for a distance of over 2,000 feet"
July 15, 1903. The Sumpter Miner.

"Many specimens have been secured which show free gold in enormous quantities."
April 20, 1904. The Sumpter Miner.

"Some remarkably rich ore has been taken from the Buckeye; pan tests running as high
as $600 a ton in free gold." (at $35 a ton that is 17 ounces a ton in free gold).
September 28, 1904. The Sumpter Miner.

Most of the development of Gleason and Doanes' mines was done on the Buckeye Mines.
While much of the development and richness of the veins was found on the Cracker Creek
side of the Buckeye Mine, there was much richness found on the Rock Creek side
of the mines as well. The Dixie Queen is located on the Rock Creek drainage.........
along with a portion of the Crescent mine and all of the Buckeye mine.

The following was written about Crescent mine......

"The ledge averages six feet in width, is clearly defined and contains a twenty-two inch shoot of some of the highest grade ore to be found in the district. This shoot was opened last fall on the Crescent 300 feet from the summit on the Rock Creek side, and has been followe by cuts a distance of 1,600 feet. The lowest assay ever obtained was $39.90."
July 1, 1903. The Sumpter Miner.

"I don't know much about the Dixie Queen mine.....I have only spent two hours on the ground and in the mine. I walked the outer corners of the property and located most of the forest service boundaries. The Dixie Queen mine had 40 feet of tunnels, 20 feet of cut, and a log cabin at the time of the Patent. I don't know how much more the mine has been developed or what condition any developments are in.

"While this mine has great potential...this will also be a difficult undertaking as it is high elevation (6800-7000 feet) And, at the present, I did not see a road to the Dixie Queen mine. The property is surrounded by forest service with the south part of the mine being in a small valley where the Buckeye Mine ends.
This is
some of the most beautiful property in the world..... There is even a stunning water fall
on the northern portion of the property......" 

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