Boulder Patch Mines in Sumpter Oregon

The Eureka Placer Mines

This 30 acre piece of paradise Is only 6 miles from Sumpter
in the historic ghost town of Bourne, Oregon.

~ There Is Gold through-out the property ~

Nearly a half mile of famed Cracker Creek runs through the property, and has never been dredged. There is also gold barring ancient high bar river channel carrying Fine to very Corse gold. This property is ideally suited for a
"pay to play" mining Camp - this area needs one very badly. This would be your chance to escape the hassles of city life and start your own business in the peaceful setting of Eastern Oregon. There are many beautiful camp sites along the creek. There is a lot of marketable timber. There is also a nice little cabin on the property. This mining property comes with a trommel, and excavator..... Everything you will need to start building
a lucrative pay to play mining camp.....and start getting some nice gold immediately!

This Placer Mine wont Last Long At $395,000.00

Price Redused.... Now  $295,000.00

I will be glad to answer all inquiries!

Rustic Realty  

Office: 541-894-0116 Fax: 541-894-0119

Or Call Dan (Property Owner)
541 540 1511

We Are Not Tour Guides...

Serious, Qualified Buyers Only Please!

gold from placer mining in Sumpter Oregon    placer gold mining operation in Bourne, Oregon
Not a bad cleanup!                                           Feeding the trammel

using a river dredge on the Cracker Creek as it runs through the Eureka Mining Property    Antiant River Channel
Anciant River Channel.......             
Dredging on Cracker Creek                                            pays from surface to bedrock!

famous cracker creek that runs through placer mining property in Bourne, Oregon    plenty of camping areas along cracker creek as it runs through placer mining property

Beautiful and Historic Cracker Creek
as it runs a half-mile through the Eureka Mining Properties

gold barring ancient river channel    

Working the high bar and some very course gold

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