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The New Flayer Mill is "Portable"

So you can process your 3 inch rock at a rate of up to 1/2 ton per day
(125 lbs. per hour based on an 8 hour work day) or smaller rock at a much higher rate! The Hellhound Flayer Mill has a 6.5 hp Commercial Rated Honda Engine, with a Hilliard Industrial Centrifugal Clutch, which turns the Flayer Shaft at a speed range of 1800 to 2700 rpm.....

High Test Steel Chain Links provide the flayer action and these Primary "Wear Parts"  are easily replaced at a Very Modest Cost.

High Quality Parts for Maxium Performance and Long Life ~ Expert Craftsmanship ~

Special Attention to Safety ~Can be Easily moved by two men

Will turn a 3 inch rock into 300 mesh powder (finer than Portland Cement)

Perfect for Tabeling or Leaching

Only $2575.00

Weight 175 Lbs ~ Email For Shipping Charges:


Driven by a High Torque 12v Motor, this Labor Saver can be taken anywhere to re-move the Magnetite from your Black Sand or other material.

Simply load the hopper with the material to be separated and turn the Black Magic on. As the material passes under the Black Magic Wands on the Continuous Belt, they extract the Magnetite from the other Black Sand. Then, you just pick up the Wands (one at a time), hold them above a Gold Pan
or Bucket and roll it over on its back. The Rare Earth Magnets fall away and release the Magnetite into the receptacle or just fling it onto the ground.

Only $389.50

1" Water Pump
Industrial, Contractor and Home Owner

Portable and Lightweight ~ Perfect for Running Small Hibankers!

Intake: 1" Diameter -Outlet: 1" Diameter - Flow Rate: 34 GPM

Engine Displacement: 31 cc two stroke - Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.15 Gallon

Engine Speed: 5000 rpm -Weight: 15 lbs

Dimension: 10 in x 10 in x 12"

Now Only $199.95

Layflat Hose

25' Of 1 1/2" Layflat Hose With (1) Male And (1) Female Fitting.

Now Only $29.95

25' Of 2" Layflat Hose With (1) Male And (1) Female Fitting.

Now Only $34.95

5.5 hp EPA Certified Engine Pump
with low oil shut-off

Now you can save BIG Dollars when replacing, or upgrading your
high-banker pump and motor with This brand new Commercial Duty
Water / Trash pump. This workhorse is powered by a
5.5 hp EPA certified OHV engine
This commercial grade unit  is a great  replacement for the over-priced
name brands, and ready to tackle your mining, industrial, agricultural,
and your home based needs too!  2" Inlet and Outlet Dimension ~
Self priming ~ Total Head Lift: 85 Feet - Suction Height 26 Feet
Pumps 145 Gallons Per Minute

Now Only $299.95

2.5 HP Pump

This pump is equipped with a 2.5 horsepower 4-stroke gasoline engine.

Pumps a maximum of 53 gallons per minute. ~ Capable of 82 feet of head lift.

Pump size is 1 1/5" intake and x 1 1/2" discharge ~ Suction lift is 13 feet.

Shock Resistant Base Plate and carry handle are included.

A suction screen is included. Total weight is 27 pounds.

This pummp does not require a foot valve.

Now Only $259.95

The New Pulse Gold Seperator

Now You Can Throw Away Those Frustrating Concentrating Machines!

This revolutionary new concentrating machine will separate the gold
from your concentrates fast and easy!
with ¼" - classified material, this efficient gold seperating unit will
move your very fine gold  to ¼" gold nuggets to the head of the unit while discharging the waste material off the other end........
this lightweight separator works similar to the very expensive shaker tables, yet is inexpensive to own! the pulse gold seperator amazes even the most experienced of gold miners! all you need to operate the pulse gold seperator is a small amount of water from your garden hose or pump and 110 volt ac power to operate the motor.

Only $595.00

Now You Can Buy This Direct From The Manufacturer
Jeff Roper ~ Or Call 208 739 6436

The Desert Fox 
Automatic Gold Panning Machine

The Desert Fox spiral wheel has seven separate spirals which pick up gold seven times with each rotation of the wheel. All seven spirals end at the center tube-shaft. The seven spirals dump gold into this tube-shaft and into a hanging gold catch-cup at the other end. This method is far superior to other types of spiral wheels which do not pass the gold through the wheel into a hanging cup. The Desert Fox wheel with it's pitch adjustment and water spray system, allows the operator to "tune out" the black sand which is nearly always present with placer gold.

NOW ONLY $339.95


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